Goodbye ... but not for long!

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Posted on: 02 April 2010 at 12:00am

And incase you are not able to read our handwritten entry here is a more legible version of what's written above for you:

Hi friends!

We hope all of you are doing well in spite of the city's torturous greasy climate! It's been some seasons since we launched our very own blog and widened the interactive platform with each of you, through it. The journey started off with a bang and has been wonderful! All your comments, feedback, enquiries as to what we have been up to, remarks to only help us give you better entertainment and so on has proved very helpful, making the bond we have shared through these years and on this blog only stronger. Sharing our deepest and most joyous moments of life with you, some nostalgic while some simply fun has gotten us to become your fans too! Blogging has become an addiction for us J And we thank all of you for always being supportive of us, and only wishing us well!

This voyage has been extremely special and memorable to us in several ways. We hope you all share the same feeling! And to toughen this relationship, we decided to keep in touch with you via our very own and exclusive website. Thank you for the amazing experience and giving us the boost to start our own blog Smile Do not be disheartened because we are only ending the journey on this blog, but are starting a spanking new one on:

So do watch out for us and meet us there. We'll be waiting to catch up with you soon Smile

Love and luck,

Hiten & Gauri

Birthday and Good News!

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Posted on: 11 March 2010 at 12:00am

Hey friends!

Thank you all very much for the birthday wishes! I can't possibly make all of you eat my birthday cake, but I have good news as a gift to give! Yupp - I'm coming back on television sooner than you can think! Tongue Like all my work before, I'm sure you will approve of this role as well. Its for the show titled 'Chhoti Bahu' airing on Zee TV. Do watch out for me as I'll be there really soon Wink

Now about my birthday. I had a quiet but rocking day, even though the cake seems to only get smaller and the candles number only increases with every passing year LOL

We were actually at a friends party who were celebrating their 'just married' tag. So they brought in a second cake to wish me Happy Birthday as well! That was a thoughtful surprise and a sweet gesture. Although, I was quite aware they would do something for me at the strike of twelve, traditionally Wink

Maybe I played spoilsport by not acting very surprised etc but nevertheless, it felt nice and special. The day was spent with family at home since that is how I like celebrating my birthdays- quiet and peaceful yet special. I made my twins taste a little of the creamy piece and cannot wait to cut my birthday cake when they will be old enough to give me surprises themselves! Big smile Those birthdays will be exceptional in their own way, etched in my memory forever.

So here is to turning older and happier, only to be made to feel the luckiest father and happiest birthday boy, by my children.. SOON!



A new connect...

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Posted on: 27 February 2010 at 12:00am

Hi friends!

I have news for all of you, which I hope excites you as much as it excited me! Updating you all with whats up through my blog is something I look forward to, no doubt. Specially the replies and feedback I get. Blogging gives keeping in touch with all my well wishers a personal feel! But just when I thought it couldnt get any better, it does! Smile

Airtel has come up with an innovative form of interacting with my fans! All this while I conveyed my voice via words to you on my blog. Now, you can actually hear my voice! Gauri, as all of you already know is nursing our little twins so its only me doing this, as of now. This voice-blogging is, however, limited only to Airtel subscribers. But I hope to be heard and hear back from many of you Smile

All an Airtel user needs to do is dial 5018* and you can hear my daily voice blogs and also leave messages that I will get back to asap! Isnt it a FAN-tastic way to keep in touch with you lovely fans?? Wink So henceforth, no week-long waits to have my next post up on my blog. Just dial a few digits and we can catch up! Or else the blog is always there Smile

Cant wait to hear from all of you soon! I'm only a dial away now Tongue



Only 14th February? Not really!

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Posted on: 14 February 2010 at 12:00am

Hi friends!

Red roses, bouquets, champagne flowing, red dresses and red ties, teddy bear gifts, corny cards..All geared up for Valentines Day, are we?? Wink

Well its a special day for everyone in love so you ought to do and make special things and gestures. But why only one day of the entire year? Many of you might believe in the Valentines Day concept and how can we forget its big time endorser-Cupid! But some of us consider everyday Valentines Day, like we do! 

We do keep up to this days tradition and do the usual romantic dinners and exchange of surprise gifts..but it happens on other days as well Big smile And we like it that way..Besides no one really knows where to trace back the origins of this day to!

Most of you just need a reason to do those silly, nonsensical, adorable things for each other and what better an excuse than February 14th! LOL One of the memorable times we had was Valentines Day spent on the beaches of romantic Goa! And we hope to continue our EVERYDAY romance even when we turn sixty Tongue

We sincerely hope this day brings lovebirds only closer and causes no heart breaks. Cupid will take care of the rest.

Write in to us your escapades and plans for this lovey-dovey day! Love is all around. Make the most of it... not only on 14th February but instead every single day of your life! Wink


Hiten & Gauri


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Posted on: 12 February 2010 at 12:00am

Hitten GauriHitten Gauri

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